Floor Plan Options: 10′ x 40′

The 10’ x 40’ bunker is the size you need if you have a medium to large sized family. This size bunker provides enough space for 5 to 7 people to live comfortably. With this bunker you will almost forget you are living underground. If you are looking for an underground bunker with space and a few other amenities, this is the fit for you. You can customize your bunker however you please, but here are a few features we believe help you get the most out of your space.


• Living Room
The living room offers enough space for exercise, entertainment, and relaxation. The room is big enough for a couch, television, and two sets of bunk beds. Depending on how many you plan on storing in your bunker, you could even place four sets of bunk beds in the living area. With the 2 bunk beds, couch, and television layout, you are still given enough room to move around and exercise.
• Kitchen
Unlike the 10’ x 20’ and the 10’ x 30’, the kitchen in this bunker is separated from the living room by a wall. The kitchen includes the necessities such as an oven, sink, and countertop. The room is also large enough for a family eating area.
• Bathroom
Just like the bathrooms in the other bunkers, this one comes equipped with a toilet, sink, and countertop. However, this bunker includes both a shower and a corner tub. The bathroom is also large enough for extra storage space.

If you have a medium sized family, and you are looking for the best protection possible, look no further. This bunker option is perfect size for a medium family to live while not feeling claustrophobic. There are unlimited possibilities for how you can design the inside of your 10’ x 40’ underground bunker.

Steel bunkers from US Safe Room are industry leading in style and performance.

Safe and secure underground bunker

What would happen to you and your family if tragedy struck the world? Today, we are faced with an increasingly vast amount of potential disasters whether it be from environmental or human sources. We believe that we can provide your family the safety that you desire for them were anything bad to happen. Our experienced engineers and design team can build you the perfect steel bunker to give you peace of mind and comfort at its finest. Give us a call at (828) 355-7155, request a quote, and like us on Facebook!

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