Floor Plan Options: 10′ x 30′ Bunker

10’ x 30’ Bunker
The step up from our smallest 10’ x 20’ option is our 10’ x 30’ bunkers. This underground bunker size is suggested for couples who may have tough times in tight spaces, or for smaller families. This bunker provides much more room than the 10’ x 20’ option, allowing you to stay comfortable and less stressed. The extra 10 feet allows us to put bunk beds in the bunker which means a wider variety of sleeping arrangement. Like all of our other bunkers, this bunker is completely customizable. Here are some of the features you can include in your bunker.

10′ x 30′ Underground Bunker Features:

    • Living Room
      • The living room in this bunker allows much more space for play and exercise. We suggest placing a couch and television inside your bunker for relaxation and entertainment. The living room is also large enough for bunk beds to be placed in the corner.
    • Kitchen
      • In this bunker the kitchen is separate from the living room. The kitchen includes a corner counter with enough space for cooking and eating. There is also enough room in the kitchen for a small dining table.
    • Bathroom
      • The bathroom is located towards the back of the bunker and includes the necessities such as toilet and sink, as well as a fully functioning shower. The bathroom also includes storage space so you won’t have to clutter your living area with your belongings.

For a couple, or small family, looking for a safe space with room to move around in, the 10’ x 30’ bunker is a great option. This bunker is not too large with an affordable price, but you can still live in the bunker comfortably. With this bunker you will be equipped with all the necessities of life, to stay protected longer.

We offer various floor plans for underound bunkers that fit your specific needs.

Safe and secure underground bunker.

We can specially design a floor plan for underground bunkers that will meet all your desires and needs. We will go above and beyond to customize your bunker to fit your lifestyle, family size, personality, and requirements. We believe in your safety, and want you to live comfortably in an underground bunker you can count on in the case of an emergency. Let our friendly team of professionals help you get started. Give us a call at (828) 355-7155, request a quote, and like us on Facebook!